Turkey Beach

Turkey Beach is a quiet peaceful town situated in the Gladstone Region and home to the protected Rodds Bay a fisherman’s paradise laying claim to some of the best mud crab areas in the country.

Turkey Beach is a small township that is situated at the southern end of Rodds Bay on the Discovery Coast and is a two hour drive north of Bundaberg and 45 minutes south of Gladstone. There are approximately 300 permanent residents between Turkey Beach Township and the Rural subdivision of Bells Road Rodds Bay, this can swell to 1500 during the holiday season.

What started as stockmen camps some 65 years ago has now grown into one of Queensland’s sea-change hot spots. As you drive around the township you’ll notice it’s peaceful charm with shack cottages tucked amongst million dollar mansions. Aluminum dinghies and grand off shore vessels are moored in the bay, and most residents have the old retired farm tractor gracing the front yard.

Back in the good old days Turkey Beach was used as a spelling paddock by Mr RM Bell who owned Turkey Station, he allowed his stockmen to set up camps on the beach in the 1940’s and overtime the village grew and became more sophisticated.

Today there are more homes than vacant blocks, and thanks to the addition of a sealed road in 2005, Turkey Beach has become a popular investment destination. Real Estate values have increased rapidly in the past four years, vacant residential or rural blocks start at $145,000, with houses for sale from $275,000 to $980,000. Holiday accommodation is very reasonable and starts from $110 per night, permanent rentals are available from $360 per week. Many investment properties are rented for $480 to $650 per week, this is a very good return on investment.

Turkey Beach got its name from the Bustard or Scrub Turkey, shot by Captain Cook’s crew back in 1770 when they were discovering the coast.

Turkey Beach can boast the best Mud Crab Territory, with large mangrove inlets, estuaries and creeks that flow into Rodds Bay. There is a good boat ramp for those who do not have a tractor. There are no camping facilities in Turkey Beach at present, but holiday accommodation is available at very reasonable rates. Turkey Beach also offers direct access to the Southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef making this the perfect destination for keen outer reef fishermen.

Top 10 Properties

    • A$449000
    • A$420000